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Companies are required to appoint a Corporate Secretary

As your Corporate secretary, we maintain company’s statutory register, prepare Annual General Meeting (AGM) documents and file the Annual Return.

Changes you make to your company and resolutions passed must be lodged with ACRA within a specified time frame. Example, when there’s a need to add directors, change your registered office address or increase your share capital.

Non-compliance can result in penalties and negative consequences for directors.

Corporate Secretary

Every company is required to appoint a Secretary within six months from the date of its incorporation. The Company Secretary is primarily responsible for specific administrative and regulatory functions that are governed by the law.

Example are maintaining the company statutory registers and records, filing necessary documents required by law such as the Annual Return, providing administrative support in preparation of meetings such as the AGM.

When is an Annual General Meeting due

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an annual meeting of shareholders that every company is required to hold by law.

The first AGM must be held within 18 months from the date of incorporation and not more than 6 months after the end of the financial year end. Subsequent AGMs must be held every year, not more than 15 months after the last AGM.

When is the Annual Return due

Annual Return is a statutory return that needs to be filed with ACRA every year. The Annual Return has to be filed within 1 month after the AGM.

When is the Annual Return due

Examples of matters that need to be lodged with ACRA include (but are not limited to):

  • Annual Returns
  • Notices of share transfers
  • Amendments to Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Returns of allotments of shares
  • Notices of appointment, removal & resignation of directors and secretary
  • Change of particulars of officers of local company
  • Change of registered office address
  • Resolutions in accordance with the Companies Act

The time frame for lodgement with ACRA varies for the different types of filing and notification. This usually ranges from 14 days to 1 month. Companies should notify their company secretary of such matters promptly so that lodgements can be made on time.

Share transfer and allotment

The company may wish to transfer shares or issue new shares to raise additional capital. Our Secretary will assist you with the documentation and filings to be made with ACRA.

If you need to transfer shares our secretary will help to do up the relevant resolution and documents and lodge the transfer.

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