Corporate Tax

As part of statutory compliance, all registered companies in Singapore must submit annual tax return to IRAS.

With Singapore Corporate Annual Tax Return Service, we keep you updated, compliant with tax rules as well as optimize your tax savings to reinvest into your business.

  • Corporate tax computation
  • Preparation of tax forms for corporate submission
  • Preparation of Director’s Statement
  • Tax planning and tax advice


ECI is an estimate of a company’s chargeable income for a Year of Assessment (YA). IRAS requires all companies to file their ECI within three months after their financial year-end.

IRAS provides flexible payment options for companies that submit early their ECI statements: paying tax in installments. The earlier the ECI statement is submitted, the higher the number of payment installments allowed.


GST is atax charged on the supply of goods and services made in Singapore and on the importation of goods into Singapore (except some items are exempt from GST by law). The current rate for GST is 7%.

Your business must be registered to collect GST if your annual turnover exceeds or is likely to exceed S$1 million from the sale of taxable goods and services. This requirement may be waived if most of your goods or services are exported or supplied internationally (“zero-rated supplies”).

For more information about the Singapore Corporate Tax Regulation, you can visit the Singapore Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

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