IT Hardware Services

Alpha suggests the various options in the IT services market and how to work with service providers to achieve beneficial results while avoiding problems. These include consulting, integration and development, network services, product support and outsourcing.

We supported clients with systems integration, a 1 stop IT sourcing hub from small-medium to large clients. Our goal is to provide quality IT services to companies supporting them with effective IT solutions to enhance their business operations dramatically by harnessing the power of IT.We understand the frustration of computer related problems. With us handling your IT support in your company, you do not have to worry about computer failure anymore.

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    Hardware Supply and Installation

    Getting a new computer whether it is for personal use or business use needs careful study of your requirements. We provide personalized service to understand your needs and recommend a best hardware and software solution. Customers when making a decision to buy hardware they either over estimate or under estimate their needs. As a result they are stuck up with a computer that is expensive to maintain or they are forced to upgrade within short time of purchase. To avoid this we spend time with you to assess your current and future needs and recommend a computer that fits your budget and fulfills your needs

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    Computer Repair and Maintenance

    Computer is bound to need repair and troubleshooting, Which has added complexity of software failure. Major cause of software problems are due to lack of firewall, missing anti virus software, anti virus software with old virus definitions, operating system not patched or un appropriate usage of the system. We make additional effort to install necessary protective applications to safeguard your computer from future software issues.

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    Web Hosting and Email Hosting

    Often SME need a web site with basic complete details of their business. They will need a minimum webspace that is less expensive and also flexible enough to expand. They are constantly faced with dilemma of how much space to buy, bandwidth needed, volume of users expected etc. With our experience with wide variety of similar customters we suggest a good estimation of the web site hosting needs. This not only makes our solution cost effective but also more relevant to the current stage of your business.

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    Networking Services

    Too much network, computer problems and no one to solve them? You have found the right company to handle all your IT networking problems. We configure and setup Local Area Networks (LAN) for your office, file sharing server, server backups